Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A young manifesto of subversion and dissent

From the day yr born, you are taught the good logic of capitol. Some people work hard, and are good people. These people make things that are useful and advance civilization and the general good of other people, have morals grounded in god and the dominant society, which is very good, and these people are thusly rewarded for their stewardship towards society via our popular form of exchange, which is money. Some people are bad, lazy, work very little, do nothing to produce goods for the furtherance of civilization and popular society. These people achieve little and thus are granted little in the form of our popular exchange, which is money. Some people save and invest, these people are good, and justly rewarded. Others squander and cheat, these people are bad and justly punished with things like prison, poverty, and other forms of just oppression. So it goes. If you are reading this you likely know the justifications for capitol well, as that, whether you know it or not, or like it or not, is the logic you have been taught since you were born. Some variations on this theme exists, but as a whole very little variation is ultimately allowed. We are taught that capitol breeds cooperation, friendly competition, even such bullshit claims as spiritual unity and preparation for the whatever-lies-beyond. This is what we are taught. Everyone knows the logic well. The question then becomes, do you believe in this logic as being well-founded, humanitarian and infallible. Do you? Do you? If so, I honestly can’t help you, and yr reading here is done. If not, there might be some room for growth, friend, and I encourage you to not only read on, but never stop reading, never stop growing in yr inquisitorial nature. Despite overwhelming Orwellian repression from all states across the globe ranging from torture and murder of dissenters to economic strangulation and social ostracization aimed at anti-capitalist studies there is still, miraculously, a wealth of anti capitol literature ranging from the personal and passionate to the hyper-articulate and scientific. The job of this little tirade is not to tread the ground of a longer anti-capitol tract nor even make specific recommendations, but rather, to probe into and provoke the psyche of those who wish to delve deeper into the rather-fucked-seeming reality of the state of basic human relations today. Point; our music in this “freest” of nation-states is brainwashing trash on all fronts. Independent well-intenioned and spiritually honest endevours into such are shunned and faced with utter poverty. But then, this has always been the fate our great civilization thrusts onto those gifted with special basic insight into the way things are. Art, written and visual and let’s not even fucking mention televised and cinematic are varitations on this theme of spectacular misery as well. They are a rubble of plastic meaningless glorified obsucirity hoisted up for no other reason than that it has supposedly been chosen by the hollow gods of post-modernism or whatever the fuck the reigning ineffectual academic logic is to mean “something” or worse importantly mean “nothing”. We are coerced into believing as such without ever experiencing the haunting lifeblood of real art, the primal force called direct experience which has been undeniably stripped from our realm of existence. But fuck that, we blaze our own path. Despite it all, to spite it all, we grow our own food, make our literature, invent our own dances, form our own loving unions, define our own bliss, delve the depths of homemade music, sport handmade goods, cobble together our own dangerous but effective living situations, enjoy each other’s company, beatbox glorious to the night sky, just cuz, and so on, to forever, to spite, in spite of the way things are. And we show no sign of stopping, so you caught unawares, be-the-fuck ready, our livelihood will spring up on you like a thief in the night. We will arise and react! The question then is one of primal importance…are you in, or are you out? Things are the way things are, are you ok with that? Capitolism and a sham representative democracy is the existing order. Are these principles you believe in, or not? If so, I can’t much help you, and we might or might not even be able to speak for very long. If not, move swiftly my friend, and with wings on yr fucking feet, the old world is closing in behind you.

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