Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

winter visions #1 and 2

1. Description of the Nightmare

nuclear eyed fish flop on archetypal gray tarmac
each breathe a cascading echoe of suffocation
in a nuclear winter.
here, the dim thrum of st. louis's beating blood stiffening in sinews of brick arteries.
signs without letters or numbers populate roadside like so much trash thrown out where the label has worn off, bloated view/scape of 'what used to be';
the doors have only shadows of former signs and are laced with barbed wire.
the street is the street,
it pervades as sweat thru pores
but with the opposite temperature.
it is cold it is pretty goddamned cold outside.
and you see the small bones beating like a pumping vein in the man's eyes
and the guitar strums thrice upon the hour.
this ain't no scenester joke
t'ain't no scenester type of joke.

2. Types of Resistance

Athens Greece, (the Athens you originally would've thought of)
was a burning oil drum fire lit aglow in one of these winters,
riots wanton, glorious, reaction against tyranny we know like a bastard stepfather.
now Athens,
she don't mess 'round no more.
snow is/was falling
the plebes nestled on the teete of bitter freedom's beggining
know not what to do
when, that is,
cops shoot children.
But someone knows what to do,
and they burn the city,
rightfully so, as cities were made to be kindling to sparks of somethin more desirable.
trust them or do not or trust in yr knowing not and wreck shop.
No desire cd seem more undesirable than our current police state of non-enacted desires,
i desire all this
and for some reason now
write all my poems in red.
Open neons make rainbows that wash out in slit wristed gray.
Take this for what it is
or take it (just), take it.
Paisley building squat dimly in the eyes of the monster.
Do not follow the monster.
Kill that motherfucker
and desire and enact a world not like this one.
Ride rocketships of lush imagnings to far off destinations
and do not come back
nor even look back,
Quick. Quick.

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