Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

illogic ontological enclaves

it's strung out coffee stomachs & ill-timed punchlines
too-tall style, 1978, hit rewind
getting walked-in-on doing a naked danse
enough cigs to prevent shit-in-pants
a chance
as a child
for romance
all the while
the baby tucan's striped-beak IS way too long
journals fulla poems, truths & superslouths in songs
a wrong
in a thoughtless city
mouth fulla jokes from scenesters too busy bein pretty TO BE witty
a gritty
and a computer-screen life
enough strife & stripes on my face make me seem trite
at night
but Muse at my side to make it feel right
constantly blurred with insidious visions
incisions @ 20 all those wrong decisions
a tight-gripped mic
another transgression into my next past life
outside when it's 3 AM
streetlight towers --- we pray to them, AMEN!
say when
topple governments & triple 666ix bankers
not enough welcomes to the new world thank yous
straight thru
a drive thru
if you sit there all day i'll have to blow right by you
despise who?
fascist sinister sinner citizens
more concerned with living dead & fitting in
than getting in
to IS
wear that shit-eating grin
swindlers present misconstrued news
stone-age emotions and no right to choose
a world free of slavery
or save me from the savory
chemicals i was fed today
in meds today
thoughts gone astray til
thoughts burn away
not ashamed to say
jp morgan paves your grave
36 months left to ride this wave
our mother
or save it
which way
to the illogic ontological enclaves?
which way to the illogic ontological enclaves?
take what you need, DO NOT PAY!
which way to the illogic ontological enclaves?


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