Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

time don't exist at 3:39 in the morning

it will be over soon
no(thing) passes time like time passing time passing time passing time
a bad joke
with killer placement
and we,
always never serious
all these bad jokes
and ridiculous time-clock, time-card, time ticking notions
emotion, i motion
until e-motion takes over the last lonely boy in saint loser
and i,
with nothin but that time to blame
healing no wounds
telling no(thing)
this is me telling you i'm lonely
and you don't even read
but it's early in your day
late in mine now
and those but references to the evil digital (thing) telling me i'm lonely in the bottom right hand corner of a machine made for this sort of stuff
or was we just s'posed to check ours facebooks and get off anymore
a quick fix
who's in my inbox
and how lonely can i feel today
no one called
no one calls
no one comes
no one cares
and there's some (things) you pick up along the way
speaking of differentiated experience and the like
i want nothin but you babe
a ridiculous notion of e-motion
ego nd
i motion
to suppress
and it will all be over soon
no fidgety nervous drinks to sink
not alone
not no more
i missed you
i miss you
and i can say so
and we can avoid the subject
but you don't read this no way
and we know where your plane is;
the chemtrail streaks in my sky
and i
don't want to die
or live a lie
so i write lonely notes to no one
and see time
like i done my time
just a little more to go
just a little more to go
just a little more to go
just a little more to go
rather, occasionally,
i write nothin to no one and see where it sticks
illuminating the elusive illusion to you and
you and
you and

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