Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


poetry for solitude
poetry for revolution
poetry for aktion
poetry for life
language of imaginative longing for the joy of the thing
opposed to: post-modern flights of ideology standing for no(thing) but (things)
clear image of an image of an online plugged-in avatar of what you think or feel
i look up to darkness and perhaps this IS why there are no stairs in my apartment
rich white losers write the history books. decaying shades of color
read what i say (wright?)for what it IS and yet leave room for
one response to false dichotomies may be to define one of two sides in a way it has never been represented or maybe
not sure, this may be a stretch
but maybe
i IS just a little nuts
an old war joke
if you're marching in line
you may be in for a surprise
SIR: prizes will no longer be awarded to winners
i am speaking to you to be heard, a borderline heroic akt of resistance
here and now
what would jesus do?
i don't know,
maybe turn into a plastiquepiece of the pope on acid in about 2,000 years?
aktion speaks louder than words --- i ain't no angloenglish major
and politikill correctness killed the PC so i type writes for rights as a rite of riotous passion
i'm losing IT, so i win,
the logistics of which science cannot claim to have caught up with.
i'm losing you, am i losing you? i'm losing you
get lost then
and find your(not)self found in the way only losing some(thing) can find you...

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