Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

young poets
poetickin til the break in break out break down
sunrise lookin like a straight up broke down
version of the suns crown sinkin right there in the ground
and whats the difference really
when our time cant even tell
we're readin between lines
that space between heaven and hell
readin straight from the page til that voodoo
burns at the bottom of a dry,dry well
collectin up our dis-possessions that wont buy
and wont sell
make a sound-that quiet yell

young men acting all knowing claiming nothing of their own
til its their own cause young men is conquerers
young women acting all stupid claiming nothing of their own
til the boys say its okay to do so, cause young women is followers
everyone claiming nothing of their own
not even the lust for something other than to get fucked
and when we are all getting fucked its
easy to blame 'the ones did this to us'
but shit, it seems 'we' did this to us
and 'they' is just keepin it up

so here it goes, i blame myself. but not myself only.
so here it goes, those fucks can burn in hell. if only if only.
so here it goes, i'm a liar. and jesus will return someday.
so here it goes, higher and higher. i will return someday.
realizations burn up to my fingernails
creation sparks at the bottom of a dry,dry well
up and out, spreading like wildfire across amerika
in and down, heading west into that breakdown
sunrise infinite glory of a fight that is only worth
fighting if fighting means existing
if fighting means a dewy grass morning
if fighting means looking into the eyes of a child and knowing
if fighting means writing, fighting means talking fighting means
playing playing playing!
if fighting means the soft glow on hair twisted into sunshine under
quilts that keep us warm in a civilization freezing us out
fighting is only fighting
fighting is only fighting
and love is everything
fighting is only fighting
rage creates more rage
but also destroys yr cage
rage rage rage rage


root yrself in the lost soil that no one is even looking for
burn the city down and try to compost the wreckage.
kill only when yr hungry and send the body that you eat
back into the earth for more feeding
the day we die, our animals will have plenty.
and until that day let us have plenty.
bless the hungry
bless the angry
bless this chaos
bless this anarchy
bless the grass
i found in evening
when i also found the meaning
of a blessed blue eyed creature
who i have no intention of leaving
getting out will mean an infinite
sink of teeth into the root of earth
right now our gums are bleeding
and the finish seems hard to reach
but i'm reaching

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