Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, September 28, 2009

a story of sorely little importance (1st try)

she said
"kill me"
i gave a staunch, 'no'

reminds me of the first time my loosed mind got the noose tied
school, age 8
voices blaring out in space, face began to ache
the thoughts chimed in,
'why trust these guys?'
found they were lying about the trend of the e's and i's
how it was so rare
for one to lead the other
for rules i did not care
not then now never, nd numbing numbers
plagued my genius status
applicable to no(thing) but school's sad apparatus
a thrash punk smashed with love
and charred eyes
at nite can't even see the stars and skies
more like shin scars and infected sties
how bout somethin simple, 'society lies'
but you can't know what to expect from those garden plot guys
see, the heart is the prize
when these thoughts stop i'll be left behind
on a dead lonely objectified trek with nowhere left to hyde
always loud right? never shy
til then i play jeckyl jackal
nothin but a heckled hacked skull
the hot topic types shop it like, "gotta go to the culture store"
got true skool heads slayin the much prayed to culture whores
is it you i bore
feel like the anarchist who will do the chores
while the want generation just keeps wantin more
go check your game man, now here's the score:

millions dead, genocided by amerikkkan secret shoppers
boouoogie mothafuckers dressed nice and proper
but we stay true to the body's shakras
violence breeds violence, is it such a shocker?
all lonely, cooped up, we sit sad as the storm hits
no worries
just a story of sorely little importance

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