Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

shame, blame or game (it's all the fucking same)

nothing is ever exciting anymore
and for that we can blame disaster capitalism
no one talks about love or sex, like for real talks
and for that we can blame sexist-stock-broking-pigs
protests are never for fucking shit up here
and for that we can blame banner-toting white liberals
Black amerika ain't being violent these days
and i forget whether to blame chuck d, farrakan or barry black (little b) jesus obama
hardcore shows stopped being hardcore in the 90s (long before i set foot at one)
and for that we can blame shoe-gazing posers with anarchy tees and no guts
there's no more angela davises, fred hamptons, emma goldmans, guy debords, abbie hoffmans, huey p newtons, che`s, fidels, black masks (don't know too many more, i haven't passed radical history 1000 at my free school yet)
bill ayers is a politician
mark rudd is a liberal
the zapatistas and greco-anarcho kids are too far away
i want my revolution now daddy!
i want my revolution now daddy!
come on
everyone get off their asses!
well, not i
i have to type about it
poetry is revolution
from my bedroom computer screen
see, it's just like ginsberg's pencil
goddammit i scream and fuss and never fight
but i want YOU GUYS (oops, girls too!) to revolt
right here
right now
well i FEEL violence must be the only way
but i don't do it cause we're not there yet
but if enough of y'all do it, then i can conform
and that's where us white kids fit in best these days

so if you see me getting hauled off by the pigs on delmar again
don't tell me how close you were to action
and if you see me playing a show or at a coffee shop
don't tell me how i need to do more than this
and if you see me wearing a smile with a friend
don't tell me how the revolution SHOULD BE

if you wanna talk shit
you can just fucking quit
runnin your jaws
while your fists and feet stay paused
but if your ready to fight
we can riot tonight
and we may share our last breath
rather fight AND be free til our death

need solve

what separates us