Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

early morning thoughts

the provocation of late-afternoon mid-sky suns
seeing her touch community with a poem i knew she would write (right?) 5 months ago
that cant-miss slightly bruised pineapple on the side of the road
the subtle statement of a green shirt with black pants for a group of kids sustaining their environments with help from one another
a fixed bike
big boyd and the fwaggles emergency response teams
an open door, truly opened
the knowledge that i tense up in front of computer screens and writing in front of anyone
rapping with the two people you've quoted most in the world
happiness building steam with a grain of brown rice
absurd potlatch scheme notions
starving friends and strangers fed
nothing personal
everything personal
the respect of love
the love of respect
the amount i've learned from all my fellow reverends and doctors
sages and shamans
and that's just a great word to me right now
a racing mind in the early morn with nothin but the illusion of time escaped by another day of not 'working' or 'going to school'
learning of my sexuality through a thorn and vine experiential dream of sorts
anarcho-sex with multiple lovers capable of actually loving one another
cuddling with a muse or two post-impossible jam all smiles and no hard-ons
(ok maybe a slight honest hard-on with no real intentions)
that same one that runs through my mind every moment y'all compliment me-
that you could never know how much it means to me
waking up to play a song
work on an apartment
ride the bus
write a poem
piggy bankin on the fact that this community can last
this community will last
this is not the last community that will last
these are sustainable thoughts
dirty, sweaty, understaffed, never-paid, smelly, beautiful kids
we smile, struggle and push through together
and if ever asked what i'm looking for i'll speak the words of this one morning when my brain was flooded with thoughts of our love...




reverend doctor mason bilderberg said...

i know right, just kinda came to me. andy wants to shoot for wednesday afternoon. shit i'm just gonna call you...