Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

sometime after dinner
Buddah stood up
and then sat back down as 3 beings

One sat in the shape of a mouth
serpent tongue in multiplicity
flexing outward
all saying the same thing, each
in opposite pitch of one another
rhythm renaissance of roving
cedar uprooting itself from the siding
where shadows dance;
embers bugging off the wall.

One sat in the shape of ears
pointed and dangling like fresia
in the summertime;
a pair of fairies twitching and itching
with the notion of being talked of
in contrasting explanations
of the Divine.

One sat in the shape of squinting oceans
with ships docked in the center
of the pacific and atlantic
brow hanging like bats wings
waiting for night to open itself up;
sometimes visions come clearer
in the dark space behind yr lids

6 arms came from 6 different angles
becoming pedestals for the shapes
to sprawl across into
full lotus positions.

they crumbled into avalanche of ancient skeletals
fair skin bared witness

becoming human again
was a long a weary climb down from infinity

but it only took one look
to remember that God may exist, We may exist, and Buddah went to bed
as one all encompassing flake of awareness.

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yeah!! hell/heaven yea!!