Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Pinko Messiah

Lying on the dirty tiles
i hear the primal drumming on my cranium

Deus ex machina
the principality hath
delivered me

My nose bleeding
mouth grinning
retina floating

Wrestling champ extroidaneir
you peeled me off the floor!

Boy, wait till mom hears!
I should have killed,
I could have gutted that kid.
Oh but the repercussions!
I would off myself
or that flap topped cop
would shoot me in the head

I bet the security video would end up on the internet.

He says he knows my story, and that it's tragic.
He might know my brother and sister.
Maybe he THINKS he knows my mom.
But he doesn't know me.
"You could have helped me you self righteous cunt.
You screwed me."
He's my pompous buddy, with display case of confiscated blades.
I gave warning signs, asked for help.
I raised flags as red as the dots of blood on my knuckles.
I could have gotten a gun.
But he sat on his fat ass and accused me of doing drugs.

Just call me Johnny Cade
Beaten puppy
and Pinko messiah
And you!
You almost made me think I wasn't alone.
You were no different.
Feigning comradery
with your anarcho-what-the-fuck lapel pin.

Teach me some more, my dissident mentor
Teach me that oppression is a fact of life
Teach me that working within the system gets things done.
Implore me to ignore the ostracism that I face daily.
By my side always
I needed more than hollow advice and your book of enigmas
I could have used some direct action mr. blackbloc

Clench thy fist, Oh ye of hardened hearts!
Self loathing savior, save the proletariat!
Blindness, violence, homicidal ideation
These are the makings of Che Guevara Action Heroes

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