Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, August 17, 2009

mad love terror

'are you mad?'

escape the ism
embrace the terror
we strike into the cold shadow of the heartless bland dualistic made-up faces of nevermore spectacular drugged drones
my pen hurts through a screen
voice aches in the mic
i'm alone at war in these streets
by choice
i'm with comrades at war in these streets
by choice

why work
why pay
why leave
why stay

the oo-la-la aesthetics of a sold art world
and i'm asked so often 'what's wrong with making a living'
and i'm told so often i'm 'the anti-idealist'
yes yes
all yes
yes yes yes
fuck yes

'so tell us, preacher man, is it really that bad?'
you'll know where you're plane is, i say
ain't about me no way
and no one never knew shit anyway
immediate autonomy
i'm mad
i'm in love

got more terror than a television

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(join the resistance fall in love),
love makes it possible for individuals to connect to others in a meaningful way-it impels them to leave their shells and risk being honest and spontaneous together, to come to know each other in profound ways. thus love makes it possible for us to care about each other genuinely, rather than at the end of the gun of christian doctrine. but at the same time, it plucks the lover out of the routines of everday life and sperates her from other human beings. she feels a million miles away from the herd of humanity, living as she is in a world entirely different from theirs.
in this sense, love is subversive, because it poses a threat to the established order of our modern lives...
-CRIMETHINC (was just reading this shit today, weird how things run parrelel to each other)