Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

drunken rant alert!!!! under the influence of immediatism...and terror.

it's a nice proposition
but there ain't no poetry left
and this aint anti-art for the sake of anti-art,
i'll even speak the words in plain rhythmic english if thats how they must be spoken,
but what's been left is a rumour
like that dying men shit before they pass into the beyond.
that's precisely where it's at,
after the sub-teenage night tremors and twelve-year-old-boy-masturbations with cum caught in mouth have lead us to hear,
still with proper spellings,but this lingering terror that who loves us ain't love us no more,
that, like, uh, whatever, dawg, we don't give a shit except when we see other people too not giving a shit,
we are revivalists for misery,
and it's about sombody time someone gave themselves an enema on stage with that one microphone just to see if they cd take a dump out their mouth,
that's what we mean
and exactly how we say it,
a betrayal of everything b/c everything is a betrayal of everthing
this ain't just a dying sense of poetry in a slightly blind world,
this is a universe of deaf cyclopses who murder the shit with a blunt pickax
and why the fuck not be on the other edge of a sharp blade just to see how the stabbing feels.

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