Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, July 6, 2009

these are the things important to share

screaming kids, like babies except my age
drunk outta windows, i've got none
they were looking for a crack in the sky
they were looking for cocaine at the bottom of roadside dive-bars
all they could catch up with was a frame on frame picture of a girl
struggling on barely aired tires
of another borrowed bike
everything is borrowed
the (things) that could be called mine
just break
under so much presssure
i'm too hard on them, they are so few
i like to think that (things) take care of themselves
and since there's not much left of my self
i will take care of others
bend my body over
unitl i come full circle
and am able to lend
my bed
my bike
my cigs
my money
to the ones who did the same for me
til then i burn
the bridges of summers
before this and focus
on the sprouting seeds i've been mending since April
and lend
my hands
my ear
my tongue
my heart
Do the dishes-clean the aprtment-move some boxes-drive the car-and break the assholes who want to break the hearts of my fair skinned brothers and sisters-hold for hours-let be when needed

Listen to dreams concerning zombies, the west coast, railroads, and the bone fragments left from past attacks where being followed never ends in death but leaves you wanting to die

Whisper love in secret codes and out loud just like-"i love you."period. simply say i understand, and when i dont understand, say that first, honesty will never be as hard as hiding-dont believe the lie.

time controls none of this.
space is an illusion,getting smaller lately.
but we laugh.
and we sing. and dance and dance and dance.
cigarettes and saliva. hot breath and
frail bones working together to make
this climb to the bottom of the ocean
less like drowning
and more like living.

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