Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

more like dogs

i closed my eyes as Captain Falkenberg had intended
with merriment of memories
from forests budding berries
of fine pleasure and quenching
of our simple hunger for life
as sweet as its bearing

i have crouched my own
fair number of bush
and undergrowth
to my delight as
well as detriment
those spindly vines
cascading wicked branch
spit me up and out
of a womb-like existence
into a sudden redevelopment
of mother lands
and searching children

i still dwell these forests
in modern cardboard likeness
and run as if raised on
wilderness, now wasteland
not knowing how to spend
so much solitude
except to simply trade
some of my loneliness
for countless hours
with the wanderers
still afloat in this settled city
of lights burning until
the midnight hour
when they go out
you better believe
nights don't end on such
a frivolous cue

the wanderer carries numerous
pocket treasures
not much of money, though,
having been invested in
humble, yet filling amounts
of each vice and weary tool
used for practicing the art of
moving, always
as is the wanderer's curse;
not to mean this as folly-
the trek underfoot should be
considered a noble effort
not taken by many
in this modern cardboard
crust of stale sandwiched

the wanderer
may seem worthless
to the working world
but we're working, World!
we are wanderers in a city
that stands still
grinding our gears and teeth
up crooked streets
to the guarded tree
not meant for after hour
but what have restrictions
meant to us
but merely the
difference between
drinking in bars
and drinking alone..

awaken with the fragrance
of glass stained bloody
from our innocence-
simple pleasures
gone awry-

the wanderer is a peaceful
but knows protection necessary
when stepping upon stones
thrown onto fault lines
being held together
by ticky tacky

the wanderer is a fleeting
not knowing where,but why it is necessary
leaving tomorrow when the wind
speaks its incredulous
prayers against the
city of paper cities


the stayers of this
playing card castle
bellow love songs
to the wind where we
and ever so often
these melodies,so haunting,
will leave us wanting nothing
more than to join them

and here we are-
on top of flimsy foundations
playing spades
like kings and queens
more like dogs and it's flea
but we will flee
we will flee
(as is the wanderers curse)
wish upon your unlucky
stars dear wanderers that it
will never be a broken curse
will never be a broken curse
will never be a broken curse

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