Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Friday, July 24, 2009


tryin to see zion thru the eyes of an enclosed metro tunnel jib-jabbering thru pizza-delivery theft haven.
give me a night sky at least.
gimme some subtlety to yr screaming delivery,
gimme some out of here quick;
this is not the time for gonzo journalism,
the excitement of death is dead.
the police presence is not becoming of bad hallucinagens,
the blank faces resemble bad trips down a wrong way anyways.
the scribblers have put down their fat tip sharpies,
the angry and rebellious are only as such when there's cash involved,
the confessionals bleed onto wingtips,
the short soldiers go home late,
out of disbelief at white people.
they eyes got stones in them.
never give up pushing rocks up hills.
down rockslide down breakbeat day desolate or is it?
is this the scripted cadence?
a city of stopsigns
a city of yearnings
a city of, forget it...where it went,
never toreturn even without its clownface,
i see an army marching upon the land,
c-span heads and all, killing conversation frequently,
coffee drinking yr way into exile.
is it possible?
i am trying.
to be cognitive of the dissonance.
same mothership different cropcircles,
same cockrock, different cock.
same bombast, different name.
same touch, different fingers,
same spectrum, different eyes,
same heart, different petals,
is it possible?
is this even possible at all?
these generic whispering fluttering half winged lungs against the breeze,
using me up.
the taste,
bitter sugar thing.
trying to see zion thru the smoke.

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