Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

apocalypse puncture

the dow-at&t merger
sexy collage at the coffee shop
an intense longing for someone i've never yet met
a delayed challenge
making mature moves
not telling my longest standing friend I don't have a phone because i sabotage great things
a sneeze
an outburst of laughter
73 insect bites left untreated
3 crohn's infections left untreated
with disrespect and a 3 month wait period when i call my doctor
psychedelic birds
dreams of uncovering myths
bobby dylan discussion groups in the depths of hell
fake mistakes
to be in love with leonard cohen
to be in love with jake cohen
to bleed mystery
to get my fucking computer fixed
to leave
to stay
to watch tv with gary
to sing my blues
to maybe for once not talk about blues
we're white
to play distorted bass only 2 other people have ever admitted they enjoy at all hours of the morning
to know who they are and love them
to listen to jim swill read
or say anything
to share abnormal taste in music
and life
to share


to know some so well and others not at all
to lay with troy
and gus
to explain to those of you who dont know that those are dogs
to have to explain

to not having to explain

to take action
to engage in discourse
to talk to automated systems for days on end

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