Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sea swallows/i live

I forget that I am ugly
when she stands beside me
i hide the fact quite gracefully in front
of strangers holding cigarettes
the night acts quickly as a guard
to cloak my lonely hide
stars are often mistaken as lucky when

the lily pad i waded turned one-eighty
upsidedown to the human condition, but may be rightsideup when dealing with alternate

i'm underwater sucking hotness
from the airtank heavy on my back
the sun all a blur from under
so much rippling water
now that i am drowning i look for
beauty- - as if
such a thing could save my ever evacuating life but
the vacuum of Atlantis is full power
and searching for me
creatures this deep lose elegance
but enchant nonetheless with twisted
gulping salt cubes and sour thoughts
like glassfuls of ice water on a pale-skin-blistering
hot day
i carry no protection except
a shaky sense of humor made up of
paranoia driven sarcasm
it shatters like my cremated ashes
in sea of bubble momentum
bloopbloopbloop go my lips
when i try to talk now
blipblipblip goes my brain
when i try to think now
looking back at the sky 
from the depths of locked aquatic
escape me
bathtubs are a dangerous thing
with lovers evading- -refreshing my memory
of where underwater gets me
she shakes her sweating eyelashes
daring me to step in to the
soap-scum-submarine tub
         "i'm claustrophobic"
i say and pat myself dry with
the rotting towel i use each time
i shower
i was wishing for that skylight to shatter
form glass into acid
burn the thought
and drain slowly
windows were made for
looking out of its too bad my
telescope arms werent reaching
that sheet of sunshine so i watched-
like underwater
as the independent rays walked across
frosted lenses
circle the prisms
from bathwater prisons
flood this sickness
and learn to swim

without water there is fire
flesh burning for the taste 
of energy now wasted
desolation comes from
stagnant masturbation
stroking moments and scratch 
the fractions let 'em fly
like flicked ends of the quick fix
to anything more enticing
its about timing
not overdoing what cannot be undone
just one more at the daunting hour of sleep lost forever
just one more at the haunting re-occurrence of those
flooding faucet heads dripping 
off of my lions head
roaring in the morning
teeth all crumbled at the edge of the tub
on top of strategically placed bathroom tiles where
i now press my cheek on
a melting glacier
everything turns to water
the mermaid on my back
liquifies into a wet dream
she is in my mouth now
i taste her- salt cube/sour thoughts
as her body forces itself through
gills cut shoddily in the dark way deep
i move on
i breathe in
i swim 
away away away away
into Atlantis
where birth comes from swallows

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