Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

chants for getting out evil on a normal day.

Went out the front door with the sun at the waist of my skinny blue jeans

Bob Kaufman in my pocket, real poet of bars and alleys,

No bullshit, shot through it with a radar gun of doo-op slaggellations, cd give you the whole sensation of the word ‘bar’ without ever saying the word ‘bar’.

Who was full of a super-reality so rough, rugged, clean, he’d slip it right by you then suckerkiss you straight in the kisser.

Went out with a crossroads in my mind & crosswinds at my arms

With good, evil, god, the devil and mrs. Jones and more

Thus I came

In the morning

With the sun at my waist

And at night too

With the moon in my face,

I came

Coercing the small gods and devils of daylight and nighttime in midst of summer stick

Some nappy headed technician of the sacred,

Innate daytripper

Beneath that ovular arch

Beneath the city of railroad tracks

Beneath the city of brick red wings

I scribbled and jammed on bus benches

Counting enchanted reflections of passers-by in the plexi-glass

1,001, 1,002

Moments like beats go by

And off Delmar

And off Grand

And off Bent

And off Big Bend

And off Main St.

And off the balconies of tall buildings

That’s how I came

Moment by moment

Beat by beat

1,003, 1,004

The way to direct action enlightenment

In paved temples

Hum-drum-jam music of the everyday

Just another day

I go

Coercing with all spiritual shock

Storming the citadels of enlightenment.

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