Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the cat sits by her inanimate skinned sister

naws her own flesh to feel more human
all of us naw on each other to feel more human- we are still animals
dwelling in the people kingdom

felines and pigeons do not make safe company
my sawdust tongue still licked feathers clean
like we were mating for life
sometimes species are all too familiar
and i forget the difference
between enemies and lovers

rolling around for hours
the tics in my head calmed
to slow breathing
all of our clocks ticked of at
i was reborn
same time as the last
maybe this time it will stick
but only as sticky as japanese
stick-on tattoos
first sign of heat i will shed these
new blues
start wearing skin
that slides on and off like
beaten up shoes
barefoot on rocks
near the oceans deep blues
singing orca
spouting nonsense
like nancy drew clues

the things i dont remember
arent what i tried to forget
so i sit
upon the hours
dipping my head into the sink
splashing in the faucet
where droplets come in
pockets full
of faces 
flapping and spitting
in my mouth
remember this:
her face reflects the sun
and her son would be beautiful
and feminine w/ soft cheeks
and birthmarks that multiply
in sumer
his complex would be simple
but the angle would be acuteley outward
and asymmetrical

the triangle is lined up now
the edges arent quite straight
they equal nothing less tho than
unnatural Americana brother

as sisters we stand
hands folded in a circle
or endless roadblock clenching
each of our neighbors
not in fear
but purest opposition
to the runners coming at us in
metal armor
they look much stronger
than they are

oh please
make a move fatal disease
we have found a cure for you
it is nothing like modern medicine
you will never see it
we will not make you swallow but it will swallow you
so stand back fragile boned statue
you think you are winning
but there is no way you can
we have found a cure for you-
an antidote to such an awkward contraction
it is love it is love it is love it is love it is love

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