Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

everything pink

roll yourself over in order to see the rapture ringing like a sickness ringworm in my belly let it out like labor screaming revel in the wicked growing weedy in the thicket
i've only been going in for the getting out of it

appendages masquerade as muscle for a mindblowing mucus sneezegasm


taking laps around the kiddie pool where we grew up quicker than a minute sucking off of faucets and sucking off our boyfriends
but it only took a moment
for that green blade to reflect your brown eyes
cutting to the quick
of my existence
crawling skin
at the sight of anything
other than what i've come to know
as a fixedbliss
we can fix this
just keep your hips moving
like that reflection rippled water
sucking life out from under us
the barge we've been tirelessly pushing
has moved backwards
the current here
seems a bit twisted
maybe its time to find new rivers
and forget this
lets keep trying
tagging that
pink tri thing
on what we have come to know
as mindtrick-advertisement
we are Midas
touching ourselves and clenching
digging whats been dug up
and reburied as to not be rediscovered and sold
its a cycle
and now we've dried up all our resources so we make do with almost nothing-nothing has become all that we needed--almost has become an expanded handfull
we are the gods with no power
i am Zeus without a fire
somehow still flicking burnt ends
made up of endless twiggy endings
out of windows
into rainbuckets
over bridges still sick and standing
i have sliced these cement vessels
into resting places and woodchips
for the winter
when the first chill of late november creeps into my boned-flesh shaded by summer i will use the collection bag i've filled up to warm me as my skin fades back to empty

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