Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

nothing generation.

we are a nothing generation
a generation lost in nothing
skimming sticks stones and 1/2 broke bones
cross surface of shiny casinotown
vagabonds decaying in is.
nothing generation
slumming millionaires born to always debt
finding diamonds in impossible starlights
hungry as shit because all we are fed
is headlines!!! headlines!!!
mentholated salvation!!!
menstruated righteousness!!!!!
1/2 black hopeful sham christs!!!!!!
thingusting thingliness!!!!!!
disgusting timeplace!!!!!
end of the line!!!!!
when did men stop being eternal and punch timeclocks (punch the timeclock)
nothing generation
slipping grasp to something!!! something!
already faceless tombs to quickmart graveyard grab yr cemetery suit dance with us the dance of death for lack of anything else to do.
nothing generation
plug the electrode into my brain i dont know what else rhymes with insane
i am coming off my meds,
i keep trying to write poems but all i do is vomit
egg-yolk yellow cross gray skinned snow.
yr country glory is meth-shacks
yr hoodrichness is still just crack
nothing generation spiders spun tapestries cross yr glowing metal slug to nowhere roundabout on expressways to nothing, no more
i do not want one more prescription score
schizophrenia loves us back so dance with me the final jibberjab before the ocean melts around us expresslanes to nowhere resound us
my sweet nothing generation with everything to prove
this is blunt
a brunt open letter to you
nothing generation
nuclear sky cannot soothe
faceless servers made of wires
everyday expressway strewn.
beneath the closed casket burial of a nuclear sky
beneath the closed casket burial of a nuclear sky
oblivion led oblivious final fantasies of you anonymous white men who know nothing of but still try to steal the blues glow in that last ray of yr cathode coated tomb.
nothing generation
exploding media ectoplasm
lost in a perpetual roadside snowditch dug deeper to nowhere
basement holdouts of exploded towers,
last decayed steel of manhatten
give america one more revolt in her final dying spasm
give her perpetual revolution for her last hour
or you nothing children
time will eat you
until nothing will remain.

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