Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

gaza is a slaughter rerun

8:11 AM
in the Gaza

stripped of food,
water, electricity,

of life,
as blood splatters
across cheeks
convulsing from
the tar-colored
air that’s left to

shallow breaths,
i can’t hear people screaming
or see them sleeping,
but i hear the roosters
with their background
disaster orchestra of
machine gun percussion
and squealing metalwinds
of missiles

launching my heart,
lungs, contracting tracts
of diaphram up into
my throat that went raw
with cold air chants

free palestine(!),
and the immortality
of culture

but i can’t save them
from the tanks creeping
down dirt roads
from the serpent-tongued
whistle of artillery shells
aimed at their

hearts and heads
and the hands i can hold up
with banners on
street corners alongside
families and children

here, that’s all i can do
and i feel helpless
with eyes on the streaming
live footage of
deserted ghetto city
smoke billowing off
building tops
and two tiny bodies
running across the road
while it’s

like the conscience of
the world
silence allows repetition
allows power allows

the empty lives to live.

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