Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dialogue With America by Michael Franklin

Part 1
While listening to ginsberg speak
from 1950-something
through my stereo 2000-something
hearing his wobbling queer voice
weak jew village voice
I am brought nearly to tears

He is asking me questions
too many questions
they should have killed that man
how did he ever make it to old age
to beards
to Buddha
east india
and howl wasn’t allowed
but it was a best seller
and I can’t answer those questions still
I am brought nearly to tears
crying like a baby
on the inside
it’s been fifty years
and no one can answer him yet
no solid answers
nothing definite
all that is said is
great poem
good job
pat on the back and dinner is on me

lenny bruce was a jew
and they killed that uppity kike
loud mouthed and drunk
and he asked questions
too many questions
but he answered himself
and they killed that uppity kike
and allen ginsberg
never gave an answer
and I am crying like a baby
I am too stupid to tell him
the answer to his questions
I have tact
class and a fucking easy ride
white boys on jazz still aren’t hiding out
from cops and Rodney king is living
easy I am told
in a big house
and he doesn’t get ticketed
I am told but he still flinches at bliue lights
k mart secials
aisle 4 literature on sale
get em while they hot
attention customers
we are never going to close our doors
attention America
9 to 5 is just a song these days
capitalism doesn’t clock-out
and oprah winphrey is making millions being a black woman
fucking the average pay of women up
and niggers got a hero now
watch out!
denzel won the Oscar
halle won the Oscar
and Arizona has a street in the middle of town
they call martin luther king jr. street one week a year
but the mailing address is still speedway boulevard
and the hookers are still on miracle mile
it’s a miracle we made it this far
i am a white man
but I don’t get special treatment anymore
they’ve taken action
white male
tattoos and a limp
he’s wearing a hat
and sunglasses at night
leaving joe’s place singing otis
pull him over
give him a lesson in his own history
we’re sorry but you can’t come over for dinner tonight
this is my son and this is the boy that works in the yard
I am a white nigger
iggy pop wasn’t the last of us
did you know they show elvis form the floor up now?
for four easy installments you can order his new record
elvis sings the best of nigger music
three cassettes or three l.p.’s
and if you order now you get the dvd bonus for free
watts in the 1960’s
dogs in the streets
and the history of the firehose

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