Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Again and Again by Mick Boshans

I am waiting for my shared experience to begin and end again
and I am waiting for my lover to wake
and take my hand
and smile in my way
and breath in my direction
exhaling death of regrets
and sneering in the face of time
that seething in my mind
of thoughts teasing flesh
still flaccid
from the gutter I cast it backwards
past the fast track
and straight to the bad math
the aftermath
the Traipsing Ten
minus Lafayette Eleven
into sunrise from jail cell
live to sell another day
swept away
for them that weep
for nothing
for nothing
to dream
of nothing
going nowhere not told
by someone
subtract the bottom line from the letter
and your "E" becomes an "F"
rearrange yourslef
"BE" your youness
and "P" your penis
"V" your vulva
into beginning and endening
the widened surface of eternity
into the nowness of never being anywhere for someone not smelling the taste of THIS
never knowing anything but now
to be of now
for now
in now
under knowing of nothing but how to now type this and say that to someone
and I am writing in wonderment of why not knowing doesn't grip us into this moment
and hurl us into eternity
the eternity of nevermore
always seeing in silence
and slipping in violence
in revolutions of kings into kings of kings for kings
for less
and less
and less
far less than this
whatever it is
this kinging of kings and knowing of knowledge
and sowing of something
just to watch them REAP
this hoarding of portions
for notions of nothing
in oceans never realized
where songs seem silenced
or stifled by violence
sleep now my darling for waking to this nonsense is nonsense
save NOW to become
never again NOW!
but projected
and echoed
and pondered
reflector of light now
for night
is now
I now know
no thing
to thingkof
I am trying to lose my mind
to loose my mind
too tight
and it always finds me
laughing and wondering why we can't escape this
thinging the thing's leap
from death's deep
hill of darkest hours
tallest towers
into tumbling
of nowhere folk
flock to speaking their nothing speak
of never known things
seer this flavor into that moment
that momentum stricken
soldier sickened
by soldier wisdom
sold to him
not by herdom!
but himdom!
of kingdoms
of warrior prince
prince of kings past
the last gas is passed
the cheese is cut
but the rest is whole
still this moment keeps fading
the momentum is gaining
this moment is failing
and flailing

awake my love to eat with me
we will read of these times later
we will eat of these days maybe
we will taste of these times fabley
toasting to this communion of nevermore
these savory days of decadence
evermore dying
and sighing
of breath
into nevermore
always now
know no thing
sleep now my darling
for these days are just dying
my ways are just trying
to wake this fakeness into something more conscious of
wake my darling THIS is important!
I am important!
NOW is important!
always urging us
to brighter eyes
and languages not known
and ideas beyond thinking of this stuffspeak we speak of
enough talk for now
my guessing seems humorless and your sleepspeak sounds more like nowness than this boring talk of wakened days
for What!
again and again and again

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