Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Friday, December 19, 2008

the maximum precision guided phallic world...
testicles hanging over tow hitches beneath truck beds
rocketing us into a soft abyss of space, highway, long straight hard ribbon
cutting through the lips of some incomprensable vag.
TV news,
cock-shrivelled old-men giving way now to woman,
represented as teleprompter-like sex kittens.
projecting projecting projecting
with missile guided max precision.
throb throb throb.ing.

writing tho,
is an ovular form
soft, supple eagerly awaiting yr own hard projections
over eager fingers to make it wet,
causing birth.
i wanted something apocryphal to be at the begenning of this notebook
but is there something like that at the begining of life?
a bunch of blood, mucous, and an overstretched cunt,
strange men in masks and sterile clothes sticking tubes into yr mother, shrieking bloodily,
and then
this tiny yawning blue-faced shriveled peanut thing.

it just needs to be soil fertile enough fr potential growth.

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