Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, December 29, 2008


hit ya systems like tsunami
dudes aks if i ever stop the uprock
i be like not probably
cant stop the breaks dig thru jakes crate like
groove ya full bodily
the action of my drastic passion be like ohh lawdy
spit sylables vocally
start revolutions on third tuesdays locally
it comes in the sting of metro wind
the bling-bling-broken
delmar calls to action
storytellers with scales for eyes
baby-mama broken
always forgotten cries
and i still aint stoppin after all i realized
yr weak shit never gon get actuallized
i see the prize grab it like a millionare
but im broke as shit g i aint even care
that makes me dangerous
kill you on third tuesdays with linguistics
i got a mad spastic band ya like elastic passion
and the day they bury me is the day i quit dis rappn n graffn
start the revolution wit hate to the ashberry on third tuesdays
when ya get that kick from my vocal karate
will i stop the uprock not prolly
cus when ya get that kick from my vocal karate
broke souls like mad dangerous
start revolutionary waves and its
the ashberry to tha hate
kill full bodies who be blessn our beats n mean streaks like ooohhh lawdy.
if yall want yall can pack gats but it aint tha right to bear arms that grabs their fervor
its that aerosal cans hand claps and mad poets raps that takes that revolution thang further.
they are the darkness
we are the light
this is the fight.

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