Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

philosophical vomit comes out like fucking butterflies.

Everything is perfect in its brokenness.

shattered, interrupted,disrupted, subdued, crushed, bankrupt
or imperfectly spoken.

Nothing will ever be perfect,
therefor all is equal
and equality is perfection.
Equality is the most limited form of perfection,
but I would say it is the truest form
because only by realizing our inequality can we realize our frailties and alone-ness,
and only in realizing those things
can we realize ourselves
and what it means to be human.
(to do that and help others do that I feel is the most we can achieve in this life).
imperfection is what makes us human.
Few will come close to acheiving perfection,
but all will achieve failure,
it is the thing that binds us together
our thirst to consolidate our failures in the failures of others
is then the truest beauty in life.
--a more subdued form of the two dying souls
who at their last breath with
trembling hands cling to each other.
We are at all times dying and
at all times clinging
it is only those interims when the fingers connect
that we feel something like real beauty,
the closest thing possible to perfection.
It’s only then we learn to relax so we can die a little less.

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