Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

"he likes girls who beat him up, ya know, emotionally"

Stuck in a fistful of stitched dismissive twists.
Maybe I do just like girls who beat me up. Ya know. Emotionally.
Fucked up,
Stuck-up, lucked into and out of situations of much love.
Meeting, movie, text message, text message, movie at my place, first kiss, phone call, text message, lunch date, sleep in her bed, text message text message, fall asleep to movie in my bed,
Phone call, no answer.
Phone call, no answer.
Call back! Awkward conversation. Waning interest.
Text message, movie.
Last movie. Last kiss.
Text message from me, ‘I am not a serial monogamist, I just can’t hold more than one girl’s attention at a time.”
Two days and a text back, ‘It’s not you jake, you were great. You did nothing wrong, you are a sweet, sweet, man. You will find a great girl. You deserve better. I just need time.’
It’s not me.
It’s never me. They always tell me so.
Did she even know me?
Does she not realize who I am?
I couldn’t cheat on her. Or did she just do it first?
She was supposed to be different.
She wasn’t.
You are supposed to be different.
You are different.
You will be the one who leads me out of this complex.
Then you will beat me up.
Ya know, emotionally.


keeps said...

he likes girls that beat him off
that play with the strands of semen like angel hair at Christmas thyme
he likes girls that are amazed at & in true awe of their tenacity & yet pliability
he likes girls that know their way around a sound loop & the loud soupy sounds of vaginal liquids simmering in the sunset of hot romance that is left unattended
he likes to know that there is no tommorrow like the one after today
he likes girls that appreciate decay
that's the way that he can know that they will devoutly worship with him
when all the images
and all the representations
finally manifest themselves in all their glorious & macabre
resplendency on Dead President's Day !
he likes girls


who the wrote this this is good shit.

keeps said...

'tis eye that writ said doggerel
eye cannot fling no lye
'tis eye that did it
yes, THAT eye
the eye that winks
the eye that stinks
the eye that never,ever blinks
lest it should miss the passing
it is the same eye that peruses
the sinewy & the slew
it is the eye that sees right thru
the biggest lie of all...
-that it is noble to die for one's country.