Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


chicago you real life gotham city yr goth lights aborb this little glowing caterpillar of an AMTRAK slipping in its own mucus cross the tracks.
chicago yr over-ripe scrapers still being heightened,
yr never-ending whose cock is bigger erector set contests,
who wins?
glossy steel girders, up n down
up n down, swing the beams
to whatever cotton-candy american conception of heaven you still imagine you got.
chi-town waiting on bi-polar stock-brokers,
pensive, to streak cross yr firefly backdrop, splatter on the concrete off those heights,
waiting for a crash
pensive for the fall-apart part.
you wait pensive yrself
for that man in fishnets, black plastic chest-plate and pointy cape
w/ V-16 cadillac bat-car
to sweep clean the streets of newspapers and scum.

I spent the day in yr cemeteries gloating over the bones of them you crushed.
I stole Emma Goldman's soul today,
if that is, she would've condoned the thought such a thing existed.

we are flung slow
into the way-back-to-st. louis
on this firefly slug
away from yr big-shouldered embrace.

Lemme tell you a secret Chicago
I stole yr night last night too flat out making love to a red headed friend and i ain't giving either of them back i gots to go.

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