Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Monday, March 17, 2008


It has taken me 14 years of attending school about 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 9 months out of the year, however, I've finally found a class that I thoroughly enjoy but more than that challenges me. I'll repeat this not for your benefit (whoever the you is that reads this shit is) but because I, myself, am still in a state of shock. There were large parts of this class, where I felt challenged, also, in turns, confronted and loved. All because of the teacher. He doesn't even teach at the place my parents pay $18,000 a semester for me to attend (though likely not much longer), nor do I get credit for this class as I am sitting in on it of my own volition (technical term: auditing). The teacher is a former Jade Monk (an indian sect very similar to buddhism that i had never heard of) and the premise is simple:
interconnectivity. no big deal, correct? i'm well read and practiced in buddhism, eastern thinking, etc...this man spoke nothin i did not contemplate many times before. but something about having it presented in front of me in the form of teacher and not book, transformed the subject into something not quite revolatory. However, I gaurentee, I will remember more of what I learned from this first 3 hour class peroid than most of the entire courses I've taken during a large chunk of my life (sitting in a desk) that I consider in large part, a fucking useless, unwanted distraction.
one basic point that sticks out to me: midway through class-period, the instructor asks the students, "what do you want from this class"...his assistant interupts our silence to tell him...i don't think they know what to say...i'm pretty sure none of them have been asked that before.

these words were brought on by a part of the class when the class was asked to explain a cliche topic called "your hopes and expectations for the futre"...some of the answers were typical-political-science-major dreck...some were a little bit teetering on uncertain nutiness...one guy gave no answer but asked the instructor a question that involved stabbing a homeless person...

One has beautiful general death anxiety
one has a repressive protestant white
cock that throbs in the veings of his neck
they are so hopefull
and distraught. They all
think about the future in such real
hard terms--it is a boulder
that falls like hail from clouds
and crushes their cars...
crushes all time,
for them the future
crushes all poor and
all rich
all religions
all quaint people-hoods
all philosophy
all meditation
all logics
all science
all ecology
all economy
all prophesy
all thou arts
crushes it all,
crushes all of them.

Time is my angel
Time is my woman
simply because
I am a man.
The future sells all my books for me and does not ask for a fee
simply cuz she finds me attractive and well spoken.
she finds me on the toilet
my dick in my hand
with a polaroid of her.
this is emberassing
but she overstands.

The future writes me notes
not e-mails
not texts
not phone-calls
leaves no messages
but signed by the swoop of her hand.
**I eye her

she eyes me

we spake

drank coffee together

and call it a night.

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