Whereforto Ye Wanderers

Whereforto Ye Wanderers.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


strolls down the street sexy
white cheeks reflected by a hot
Beirut sun which reflects off
car doors and metal street-light-posts
and onto the sexy white ruddy cheeks
of the agent. His brows are hard and
suggestive, perhaps Colin Farrell’s,
like an entire black sheep’s wool was
sheared and condensed into the intensity
of his eye-brows and he is thinking about that sheep
as he crosses the road with his briefcase.
He is always very well dressed,
his black suit costs as much as a
used American car, he has black leather gloves
and no one knows why. He is probably
smoking a cigarette as he drops
the briefcase beside a white foreign
minivan. the briefcase blows up as
the agent exits the scene a cool 300 yards

are the charred bodies
of 200 people, most
dead, inside the mosque. The agent
did not hit his intended target.
But you don’t know that.

If it is Matt Damon playing Jason Bourne
you see his glinting eyes softening
to reflect ambivalent sorrow over something.
Perhaps he even realizes he missed the target,
but walks on anyways.
If it is Colin Farrell, he just
walks away with his black gloves,
smoking a cigarette, sexy
in the hot sun, he is thinking of
sheep being shorn and a good place
for a Bacardi Mojito.
Jason Bourne is wondering
why does it have to be this way,
no one knows,
it’s not like I chose this life…
no one knows…
/No one knows.

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